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A degree opens many doors. Today it is pretty much a must in a resume and it is definitely an advantage to have one or more degrees listed in it.

There are several ways of obtaining a degree, there are many types of degrees and that is what this site is about. You will find useful information that will guide you in your quest for a degree. The site will be permanently updated, so that you can benefit from the latest news on degrees.


  • Am really touched with your information which l have gone through.l have a girl aged 12yrs and in form one at st
    Teresas girls sec juja road in Nairobi.Will u kindly and humbly assist her with scholarship because l see it hard to meet the school fees of her education? Thanks in advance.l look forward to hearing from you.

  • Good day,

    I would like to be informed into where I can apply for a bursary for my pilot training here in SA.

    Kind Regards

  • i genuinely need a scholarship to have a degree any help rendered to me is highly appreciated.thanks

  • I have a certificate in media studies and journalism and would like to further my studies in the above mentioned field. How can i access a student fund/grant.


  • I’m a Mozambiquen but study at South Africa. I need a bursary to study graphic designing… please help

  • i finished my matric on 2008 I’m still not studying because i don’t have money to further my education so my request is can u please assist me with a busery. i am a hard worker i Will pass if you may give me a chance

  • I would like to. Apply fr bussarie for BA in Fashion design for next year at North west school of design.thnx

  • i would like you guys to help me to get a bursary,already got a space at Tshwane University of Technology for Logistic Management. Thanks

  • I need you to help to get school & bursary for ma studies I pass grade 12 last year buy National Senior Certificate (Admission to Higher Certificate).

  • I’m a young girl whose longing for tertiary education I’d like to be funded to study to be a pilot.I don’t have money to study I live with my mom shes a single parent.please help.

  • I’m a student at unisa but I can’t afford to pay for my studies and you are the only hope I have because I want to finish my degree and get a job so that I can have shelter and food not staying in other people’s property

  • Hi.my name is vuyiswa hini I have applied for funza lushaka bursary and I see that my outstanding fees were paid.now I dont know if I have to sign an agreement form or do I wait for communication from you guys.

  • Can you help me my son is studying Second Year Sound Engineering at Cape Audio College in Cape Town South Africa and I struggle with his school fees. I steel owe fees for first year. The course is R67 000 per year excluding accommodation and fee yet I have to pay for rent and transport

  • how do i also get to study for a degree when i dont have any background on Fashion design.Do i start from scratch?

  • am a student at kisii university am almost with my 1st year exams.but monies are becoming an obstacle for my degree in education arts .which is the way i can access the funds.soon september 2016 am supposed to start my second year but seems like a dream

  • I asking any willing person to get asponserhip for mi to go back for further studies because I cannot raise any tution fee.

  • I am requesting for a schoolarship for my son who is pursuing his degree in theology at rusangu university in zambia.lam a single parent i need help

  • I accept Islam as a new way of life not to long and understand its important to study Arabic as a second language.Hope to meet your consideration and necessary action.

  • Dear Sir/Madam
    I am 28years of age and I come from Papua New Guinea.
    I was in Grade 12 when my father died and my was who was a house wife could not support me to further my education and to achieve my goals to become a Lawyer.
    However, I joined the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary in 2012 and this is my fifth year in the Force and am thinking of sponsoring myself to upgrade my education but am a bit disadvantaged in financial support as I am the first born and I have other four siblings to look after;paying for their needs,shool fees,clothing and etc…. So as my wife and my baby boy about six months old now.
    Could you kindly assist me by emailing the right sponsors or education grants address via my email :jerry.bauso @gmail.com so I will apply for myself and my smaller brothers and a Sister,as listed below;
    1.Jerry BAUSO -myself.
    2.Paula BAUSO-small sister.
    3.Simon Peter BAUSO -small brother.
    4.Hobert BAUSO-small brother.
    5.Ian Peter BAUSO (Junior).-small brother.
    6.Sybil BAUSO -small sister.
    Thank you very much in advance and hope to recieve a reply from you soon.

  • Hello i have 3 siblings who worked very hard this year but i don’t afford to accommodate them to marger higher education.may you please assist me find them a bursary so that they can manage to get to school,one of them achieved bachelor and others diploma.i would be glad to hear from you as soon as possible before the re-open of schools

  • Good day I’m phakoago Tshepiso, I registered PGCE with Unisa, but new I have financial problem, can you assist me with finance pleace.

  • I would like to apply for a bursary but I’m lost i don’t even know where to start,plus the information here online it’s a bit confusing. If anyone will help please i must go to school this year please help please.

  • hi guyz I would like to request for am aid in my undergraduate degree here in Kenya on early child hood development. please aid me if possible am in need. Thank you.

  • hello am Nakyejwe Vannesa am an orphan am looking for a good samalitan to help me in mai education

  • Hollo, Please I\’m a Ghanaian titled Michael-Justice. I have completed SHS(science student) and wish to further my education but financially weak so I need someone to help me out plsssssssss. No.(0546699206). Thanks

  • Hello am Portia Amankwah from Ghana
    I need money to continue my education in order for me to do my degree programme.I really have challenge paying the fees.Please help me

  • I would like to be supported in my in my studies am at high school please help me am challanged by fees you are the only hope for me I\’m a Ugandan i would like to finish my studies am soon going to school but I have nothing

  • I really do appreciate your helping, I\’m here in Nigeria and I have secondary certificate and I want study further but due to the circumstances of haven\’t money I don\’t know how to continue my learning but I believe that contacting you may able to continue my education, I hope I may be sympathize by you people thank you.

  • I would like to share my burden to this website. I want to continue my education. I receive my first degree in Biology from Jimma University. I try to learn more but I have financial problem. When I try to learn by extension program in Health science field such as B.Sc nursing, it is stopped. So I change my idea to study accounting by extension. But now I want somebody helping me. If you can please help and sponsor me.
    In advance I want to say thank you.

  • My name is William J Ramadhani a student at university of Dodoma I fail to continue with university due to financial problems. May you help me to back to school. Thanks in advance.

  • I am sixteen year old boy. And I am in Uganda I am really looking for sponsership to be a musician because that is my dream which I always wanted since my childhood but no money and my step sister and mother dont want me to be so . I always wanted someone to help me so that I reach to my dream but it was hard to find that person.may you please help me.

  • iam 21 yr and i had juxt finishd ma xecondary xchl,am juxp requextng 2 get xome support 4 u i just a scholar who can help me 2 pursue ma course whch hair dressing and beauty

  • I\’m Octavia ngobese interested to get the bursary to study because parent not found job so can no qualify to money for study im23 years

  • I\’m supposed to be doing my third year LLB this year but I\’m still at home due to financial issues.please help

  • I am studying PGCHE for 2yrs and I need a bursary to study withou worrying about but to focus &excell in my studies.Plz help as I am hard worker

  • am Joyce from airfield hs I need help to go to school please any sponsors to attain my dreams am so in o level

  • I am student in secondary in senior 6 mathematic, biology and chemistry I need to continue my studies in medicine in order to achieve my dream

  • I am Usman Gabrah, a level 200 student of University of Cape Coast. Its being tough for my mum to sponsor my education. I dont want to drop out at this level, please help with a scholarship

  • Hi I\’m S. Romeo Gaye, I\’m very interested in this degree program of yours, please give this opportunity to benefit this degree program at your university, please, I\’m a Liberian, presently live in Monrovia, Liberia.

  • Hi VARNEY J.D. HOLMES I saw your info which interest me ,I will like to be a part. I live in Monrovia Liberia..

  • Hi am Patricia Effah Antwi a Ghanaian shs graduate .l wish to study journalism abroad but unfortunately there is no money .l will be very glad if you come to my aid.

  • I wish to study in U.S.A much but my parents can\’t afford paying all costs. Please help me to get a Fulbright scholarship

  • Am a student in form five my dream is to became a politician i would like to be assisted in a good law school en humbly request for a schoolarship thank you

  • I have been offered with a scholarship to study for a Masters Degree on line at Unicaf University of Zambia. Is this university a genuine university whose degrees are recognised worldwide or not?

  • Hello, I am 18 years old, I did my KCSE 2018 and I kindly request to be offered scholarship so that i can continue with my education and achieve my dreams. I am a total orphan, staying alone and i cannot afford to take myself to university, it is too much expensive.i will be so much greatful when given this chance. Kindly reply.

  • Dear Mr./ Miss/ Ms.,

    Thanks for your kind offer.
    I am an Iraqi Cardiovascular Medicine Doctor, I am wondering if I can offered such a scholarship at this field to get a further degree.
    If you don\’t have such a chance, I would be thankful if you advice or guide me where you think I can find such an offer to actualize my dream since your more familial with such a process through those good universities, colleges and centers.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon
    Thanks for your kind cooperation

    Dr. Khalid

  • 1/ I assume myself as a man of Science, Humanity, Peace, Justice, Sport and Civilization……………………..

    2/ I do believe that all of us are sons & daughters of Adam & Eve.

    3/Life is very short; so I appreciate the rhythm of those words… As years go by you will find that the most beautiful valuable things; are things that we cannot buy……………….…….!


  • Hi my name is Fatima ln kzn I need help for money I have no house to stay Im staying where I teach and the money that I get is not enoug I teach in madressa and I have childrens we are very poor we just need someone who will buy a house for us and money to survive please

  • Hi I\’m Sherol Dupansi. I currently will be studying at Pacific Adventist University under bachelor of Nursing. But I want to study to be a doctor and also my parents are financially broke to gather for my school fees please if there\’s any way you can help me I\’d be more than happy to appreciate it.

  • Hello,
    i have passion for piloting and a dream of becoming a pilot.
    however, i need financial assistance.
    i would like to enroll in any CIVIL AVIATION ACADEMY.
    i am a Ugandan.
    Kindly respond

  • I\’m a young girl of 20 buh I want to join the university in Kampala Uganda buh my parents can\’t pay for my tuition yet I performed well in my ALevel (uace) examinations….I really need a scholarship because I really need to study hard for a better job in future

  • Am happy with your information.. Am also here I passed well in my advanced level but I have failed to join university because of tuition problem and am just home.I need your help please

  • Dear sir /madam
    I hereby requesting u to sponsor my education, i have a diploma in civil engineering. I want to continue with my education up-to masters but i luck funds.
    I\’m a single mother of two children who really need my support . Im sure if i study i can get a better job to support my family.
    I will be th happiest mother if my request is put into consideration. Thanks

  • Hey am very interested with this program and am rely in need of sponsorship, am a student at rusangu university but due to some financial problems i am just home i missed two quarters am self sponsored so i need your help please so that i can go back to school next quarter am supposed to be in second year now due to financial problems your response will be highly and humbly appreciated.

  • I will be grateful to God and service provider, if can be render a service to archive height education abroad.

  • my name :mayamba Bill Victor.
    I would like to study in Stanford university one day.And by God\’s grace you grant me a 100% sponsorship.
    Thanks, you.
    Looking forth hearing from you.

  • I am seeking a scholarship of track and field courier I\’m from Jamaica 800m times 1.58.19 1500m 4.10.91

  • I am seeking a scholarship of track and field courier I\’m from Jamaica 800m times 1.58.19 1500m 4.10.91 my name is David Thompson

  • Hello I am Kamya Mohamed in Uganda and I have finished my diploma in occupational therapy, I kindly seek for a scholarship for a bachelor\’s degree in Medicine and Surgery at any university of the supponsor\’s choice. I will be thankful if am kindly assisted

  • Hello I am Kamya Mohamed Aged 26 in Uganda and I have finished my diploma in occupational therapy, I kindly seek for a scholarship for a bachelor\’s degree in Medicine and Surgery at any university of the supponsor\’s choice. I will be thankful if am kindly assisted

  • I am a Tanzanian I requesting for undergraduate scholarship,my family is poor.so poverty makes to fail meet my studies,please help me to get scholarshp.I looking for good reply

  • I am Tanzanian, I want to be a good pilot but my family can\’t afford to pay for the college fees. Please help me to get the scholarship so that I can go to the college.

  • am a Zambia looking for a sponsor in my persue of heavy machine driver my family can\’t afford to sponsor me please help am on my knees

  • I Sharon pyawa a female Nurse working in rural parts of Papua New Guinea and wish to further my carer but lack of financial support, therefore request for sponsorship
    Thankyou for your response

  • I have Msc. degree from Addis Ababa University. but now I want to learn my PhD degree with full /free scholarship, that is why I am searching your address.
    thanks your consideration.

  • l have been accepted at ICU university to do distance in agriculture science with education now I don\’t have finance for me to do degree in this course so please help me.

  • I have succesfully completed a bachelor degree of science in insurance and risk management therefore i need your help to simplify my study in masters degree in UK universities by sponsoring, thank you

  • My name is Raymond massa I have completed my s.4 but since ma parents have no fees to push me on i kindly request anyone to come out and help

  • Am Nawerya Gloria how can I get bursary because my parents have passed on and I have no hope if joining school again if I don\’t get a hand I need help because I need to study and am talented in singing I also love sports and I want to learn them please i need help

  • I need help financially because my parents passed on last year am I still want to go to school an I want to be a business woman one day

  • Hello …am Shailet aged 20 ..am holding a national certificate in animal production …l here by to apply for a sponsor to help me with fees so that l can continue with my studies

  • Je suis cheslene Pierre je viens d\’avoir mon bacc je veux devenir avocat mais j\’ai pas de moyens financiers je suis à la recherche d\’une bourse d\’étude s\’ils vous plaît aidez-moi votre aide sera pour moi inoubliable merci

  • Hello!! I\’m Justina Petro. I\’m holding on ordinary diploma in clinical Medicine. Iam looking for sponsorship who can assist me in my Studies. I am a Tanzanian. Thanks much!!

  • I am Jonathan from Uganda. my dream is to study clinical medicine but I dropped out at advanced level due to lack of school fees. I welcome any person willing to help me.

  • I appreciate your service,am a student doing bachelor\’s second year now.i need help with tuition for one remaining year.thank you

  • I\’m a Rwandan so I am still in high school so I wished to join you but I am still studying but help me how can I reach there and continue my studies in sciences options

  • Hello sir or madam please help me am doing plumbing at st josephs technical institute kisubi in Uganda please i need your help i lack tuition and i want to complete my studies because that is my dream of being a plumber

  • Hello sir or madam please i nées tour help.
    I am à student to 2 grade on Noursing. It’s m’y dream to continue my studies outside.

  • Hello sir or madam please i need your help.
    Bécasse i am à nourse of 2 grade, it’s my dream to continue my studies outside.

  • Hello sir or madam please I really need your help because I am a nourse of 10 grade it\’s my dreams to continue my studies outside and I believe that when I continue my studies outside I will become a better person in the future

  • Hello dear I would like to salute you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ good afternoon, am by names of Sandra Namutebi, from Uganda to mityana . Am saying that am requesting for your help because of my parents past away,and now days am living with my aunt and grandfather.I told them that I want to study, they told me that they have no money that they are bankrupt what can I do ,Am requesting for your help dears.

  • Hey sir am requesting for your help because of situation of my problems.Am hereby applying for my problem s,
    I have no help from my aunt and grandfather,they told me that they are bankrupt,
    My parents, mother and father past away.
    I need to be helped by Jojisa or from there.
    And I want to continues my studies because next year am going in senior three but I need to help me may the lord bless you too

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